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Khaki Clog with Studded and Snaffle Detail

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Khaki Clog with Studded and Snaffle Detail


Black Clog with Studded and Snaffle Detail

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Black Clog with Studded and Snaffle Detail


Clogs: the popular shoes from Sweden reinterpreted

Picturesque landscapes, the typical red houses and happy people in wooden shoes. If you look closely at this postcard motif, you will discover one of the most surprising fashion trends of the moment: clogs. The leather mules with the wooden sole are back! Long known as robust work shoes, especially in Sweden, clogs for women, men and children made their mark in the seventies and eighties. Then they disappeared from the radar for a long time, only to impressively return today on the catwalks and on the feet of fashion icons. At DEICHMANN you will not only find trendy mules and classic clogs for an elegant or unusual summer outfit in flower power style. You can also shop their practical plastic successors for the garden, beach and swimming pool in the DEICHMANN online shop at affordable prices. Make your selection in a relaxed manner and order the trend shoes to be delivered to your home. Are you looking for a stylish women's accessory, a practical children's bag or sports accessories for men? Then let the large range of our online exclusive articles inspire you to create your most beautiful clogs outfit.

Ladies clogs for the charming vintage look

Wide flared trousers, a ruffled blouse and a pair of leather clogs. Not only the styling has shaped the era of the flower children, the unmistakable noise that the wooden sole made when walking probably still rings in the ears of many clog fans. A nostalgic boho look and women's leather clogs are of course still unbeatable partners. Don't you have a maxi dress in your closet and prefer classic jeans? No problem! Simply put on an oversize shirt and a blazer for a casual mix of styles, and your clogs are contemporary. and trendy combined with jeans. If the women's mules are still a bit too bulky for you to slip into, you can counteract this with emphatically feminine parts. Knit dresses, skirts made of fine materials such as satin and leather or shorts in muted colors create soft, harmonious contrasts. With their raised soles and small heels, clogs stretch the silhouette in a very natural way. Some designers still go a step further and combine the classic look with the eye-catching components of other types of women's shoes. Sometimes the clogs get a block heel, sometimes the toes can poke out teasingly. Not only the shape, also the forefoot has been reinterpreted. In addition to smooth leather in light cream and brown tones, there are velours, elaborate embroidery and floral patterns. Modern clogs therefore look more like a down-to-earth version of the sandals, in which urban chic merges with a decelerated lifestyle.

Clogs for men: Practical footwear for leisure and work

In their early years, clogs weren't just fashion must-haves. Because of their robust soles, they were mainly worn as work shoes by people in medical professions. However, the wooden models did have one major disadvantage: They did not sit particularly firmly on the foot. In order to improve wearing comfort, the American company Crocs and the German label Birkenstock independently developed comfortable plastic clogs with heel straps and ventilation holes for improved breathability. Thanks to their waterproof, long-lasting material and their non-slip sole, they were also popular with athletes, campers and hobby gardeners, in short: with everyone who wants a comfortable, versatile shoe for their leisure time that is also stronger Withstands stress. The very hygienic clogs for men due to their special design, for example from Blue Fin, also convince as light slippers in which tired feet can relax after a long day at work. But watch out: Even when it comes to street style outfits, there is currently no getting past synthetic clogs for trend-conscious men. Whether in classic colors such as dark blue or black, in camouflage optics or brightly colored, the choice of colors is almost inexhaustible. Wear the clogs as an ironic sneaker alternative to cargo pants, a plaid shirt or a casual summer outfit made of Bermuda shorts and a T-shirt. If this look seems too daring to you, you are comfortable and stylish with classic men's leather mules.

Sandal or slipper? Clogs for children can do both!

Especially in summer, the following principle applies for many children: If you have shoes, then it is best to barely feel them. Clogs for children nowadays easily pass as sandals. Because of their special design, they are very hygienic and little feet do not sweat so easily. At the same time, the thick, robust soles protect against painful injuries from sharp stones, hard clods of earth and sharp edges. Children's clogs are particularly hard-wearing, air-permeable and comfortable - weighty advantages that you can of course also fully exploit indoors, for example as slippers for kindergarten. The adjustable heel strap optionally ensures a secure hold on the foot, but can also be folded over the instep as a decorative element. The result is a comfortable children's slipper that is easy to put on and take off. The rubberized sole acts like a stopper on smooth linoleum and wooden floors and can thus reduce the risk of falling. Even when it gets cold, your child doesn't have to give up their clogs as slippers. Some manufacturers offer lined clogs with fur. Otherwise you can easily provide the necessary portion of cozy warmth with a soft insole. Discover the large selection of clogs for the whole family in the DEICHMANN online shop today.
Clogs at affordable prices (2024)
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