Great Gourmet (10) 4-oz Shrimp Cakes on QVC (2023)


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Great Gourmet (10) 4-oz Shrimp Cakes

Whether you serve them as an appetizer, snack, or the main course, these decadent shrimp cakes are sure to be a crowd pleaser. From Great Gourmet.

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Often that we have the founder of the great gourmet Kim Scott here with us to talk about her recipes, but it's nice to see you thank you pleasure where you and I together, the very first time you went, it was so nice they were so excited.

I was one of her goals had always been to sell your product on QVC.

That was my main goal.

That's what I've always wanted.

I started with $40, and it's just such a blessing to be here.

So thank you so much for having me back pleasure.

Well we're not talking crab today.

Yes, we're talking shrimp all right, so this is brand new from the great gourmet.

So if you love the other seafood products from the great gourmet come on and dive into these four ounces of shrimp, cakes and you're going to get 10 of them, the price here is 55 dollars and 50 cents.

It's on a three pay: easy pay plan, it's m6 3600.

So where do you start with something like this Kim? Well, it took me three months.

I've taken my recipe and I have reworked the whole thing and I have gone back and did it again and did it again and did it again so I am so excited to bring this.

This is my favorite recipe that I've ever brought your favorite, so what's going on with the sugar and how is it different than a crab cake? Well, it's different.

We have shrimp yeah, but also we looked at every ingredient and how much sodium was in everything, and so we have reformulated everything.

We've added yogurt, a different seasonings.

You know and I'm just we have a pepper pepper jacket and in Monterey Jack we have Colby cheese.

Oh these are cheesy shrimp, cheesy, here's what you're getting everybody you're, getting 10 of them, nice, big portions and as I'm looking at the cakes in front of me, kid like I'm, seeing whole shrimps here, it's whole shrimp, yeah, but it's full shrimp, and so what happened is I had to keep going back because I had so much cheese and shrimp in them.

I couldn't put them together.

So we've gone back and forth just trying to actually get the cake to stay together.

There's so much shrimp, yeah right yeah! Let me grab it.

Would you like yeah I? Would first I want to do I, just kind of want to break this open for everybody, so you can kind of just see you know.

What's going on in there as I break this open, like look at shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, everybody rim, really shrimp, I mean it's it's.

This is mostly all shrimp with a little bit of cheesiness to hold it together.

Yes, yeah, there's so much shrimp here, and so that's why it's not gonna come out like a perfect cake, because you've got so much shrimp and you have so much cheese in that that it's just gonna.

You know it's gonna kind of melt in your mouth.

Look at that yeah delicious and you see like all the pieces of shrimp and it's oh there's very little sort of binder I guess to hold it together, hardly any binder and that's why I had to kept going back to the recipe.

But I will say it's such a clean, like it's.

Not overly spicy, but it should know it's a clean cheesy premium flavor and if you like, the flavor of shrimps, it's not masked at all.

You still get that shrimp.

Flavor, it's you know again.

I mean I'm, just amazed at how many pieces of shrimp are inside of this cake, whether all that, when I peel this back, all of these big chunks that you're seeing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and I ate 111 pieces of shrimp 11 in just the one cake.

So that's really impressive.

There is just a ton of shrimp here, but again, we've got yogurt in here.

You know and a completely new lineup of all seasonings and I think that's what I'm so happy about not everybody's from Maryland, and we always think that we know the best in Maryland right, but not everybody loves the quote: unquote opaque type of flavoring.

This is completely separate and it's completely different.

I made it myself, I incorporated all the flavors and I just kept going back to the drawing board and I kept saying.

I can do this better.

I can do this better and finally, I got it and I said I, don't think I can get it better.

Well, I mean they're fresh I.

Want you to think about this for out shrimp, cakes for $5 and 55 cents of serving.

You could make a sandwich out of this.

How I would do it I would do it on a salad, I'd make a Caesar salad or with all the tomatoes coming in season right now in the avocados and oh I, just love that you know put put this on top of it.

Just a nice salad for dinner, delicious have a nice glass of wine with it.

What a lovely meal, if you want to do, surf and turf, what a nice way to do, surf and turf instead of doing a lobster tail, do a shrimp cake on the side which is fantastic.

How am I preparing these kids so we're gonna cook these from frozen, because there's so much cheese in them that if we try to saute them they'll, just like slither I guess you would say, but we go ahead and we bake them for 350 degrees for 30 minutes, Wow, so again, you're getting 10 of them total they're brand new today, as far as I know, there's no auto delivery on this.

So if you want them, you need to order them, and we only have a few hundred to go around.

It's wonderful, so nice, size too.

You know a lot of times when you look at different seafood, cakes, they're, three ounces.

This is four ounces.

We showed you all of the shrimp.

That's in these cakes I'll break another one apart just so you can see one and A two and A three and a four five six, seven eight nine I mean there's so many pieces in here, and then you have that I mean there's one hiding underneath there just that little bit of cheese, not really I.

Guess it's a little! Is it that we actually had to bring the cheese down so remember, we've got pepper Jack, we have Colby.

These are premium cheese's, not! You know.

This is right, really nice cheese that we've added to this and we also don't buy it shredded.

We go ahead and we take the shredder and we buy each brick and we we shred all of the cheese ourselves.

So you don't have the extra stuff that we don't love in our cheeses.

So this is the the best that I have ever made.

Oh Adina and Jonathan are over there eat.

Well, Jonathan was eating, but now he's cleaned his plate.

But look: wasn't it good? It's just chill over here, yeah you can I can I'll give you mine, Jonathan I'll, share it.

That's how giving I am right, I have to say when I turned this over these purple pieces.

Yes, these are holes.

It's not chopped up right like right in this blind night.

I know whole shrimp.

I know it's unbelievable right and you really taste the shrimp right.

It's not masked with tons of other things.

There's not tons of breading like it's almost light.

Isn't it like there's a lightness to it like you might want on a hot summer evening? That's maybe a little squirt of lemon juice on top, so it's fresh Oh delish and that's what I work towards that's what took so much time, because it is really not the easiest thing to do.

I I've really spent the most time on this cake that I've ever spent on anything and I just really wanted to wow you yeah.

Well, you could gosh, you could do a delicious eggs benedict with something like this.

You know, I was even thinking how about you do half of an avocado and put the shrimp cake on top of the half of the avocado.

Do a little drizzle on top like I love, sriracha myself, but you can do whatever you like.

Wouldn't that be good, so stay on the line.

These are very popular.

Think about these for again summertime.

How nice it'll, be you just pop them in your toaster oven and how do I prepare them again? Can 350 for 30 minutes from frozen frozen from frozen.

You get 10 of them shrimp in every bite to the last bite.

It's delicious, so stay on.

The line from the great gourmet take advantage of that easy pay, because that will be going away at the end of the day, always nice to see you thanks so much stay on the line if you're dylon and over 500 of those have now been ordered.

Now you saw Jonathan Redford here.

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