Styling Your Suit or Tuxedo For Prom | A Guide For Guys (2024)

While you're looking to style up for prom, one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make will come down choosing between a suit and tuxedo.

There is no real right answer, and each option has its strengths and weaknesses, so making the decision should come down to what you are personally looking for in an outfit.

If your school has a dress code that specifically calls for a certain kind of dress (ie. black-tie), then you should always follow that dress code as closely as you can.

If you are given the option to choose your outfit, then no matter which option you go with, always rememberto match your date's colors if necessary andmake sure that your outfit fits you appropriately.

If you need help finding your correct measurements or fit, check out ourguide.

Choosing A Suit for Prom (shop suits)

Suits are a safer, easier option than a tuxedo, and can be easily paired with a variety of styles, but may lack the sheer debonair impact of a tuxedo. Choosing a suit to wear for prom and styling it can be a much simpler process than with a tuxedo, assuming you don't go for the completely traditional black-tie tux.

Suits are also very flexible and can be worn on many more types of occasions than a tuxedo, which gives them a use beyond just prom. Suits can be worn to at the office,weddings, job interviews, funerals, graduations, or out to dinner,just to name a few.

It's not always easy to tell a suit apart from a tuxedo however (especially with less traditional styles).The best way to identify a suit from a tuxedois to look at the lapels: unlike a tuxedo, suit jackets will not have satin lined lapels.

When styled correctly, a suit fulfills everything that a student at prom would need, usually at a much cheaper cost than a tuxedo.

Suits can be verycolorful, and can come in a variety of non traditional fabrics and designs, like paisley and plaid. These looks break the mold of the traditional solid black tuxedo, so if a far-out, wild look is what you're looking for, then a suit might be a great option for you.

Anoften overlooked accessory, suits can be stylized with belts and belt buckles to give them an extra dimension of style and added flair. This can be useful for either formal or non traditional looks. Belts and stylized buckles are one of the few accessories that can be worn on a suit but not a tuxedo, so they are good way to style your outfit if you decide on wearing a suit.

Suits usually have less accessories than tuxedos, meaning they require less effort to style for and are easier and more comfortable to wear. Pairing options for a suit, such as for vests, ties, shoes, vests, socks, and etc., are almost limitless.

Suits and suit jackets are traditionally styled with a necktieand not a bowtie, andcoordinating neckwear with a suit is much easier than with a tuxedo.

Mixing and matchingdifferentcolored tieswill help you to nail that perfect look.

Lapel pins can add an extra layer of depth and style to liven up some of yourmore formal outfits, and are especially suave when coordinated with the rest of your look.

Compared to tuxedos, suits are:

  • Easier toWear
  • MoreComfortable
  • More Modern
  • Less Expensive
  • More Versatile
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Choosing A Tuxedo for Prom (shop tuxedos)

Tuxedos are the epitome of traditional and are very good at creating a classic, vintagelook. If you're a guy and you're unsure of what to wear to prom, then a classy, solid black tuxedo is probably your safest option, and it's what you should err on if you have nothing else to go by.

To tell a tuxedo apart from a suit, look for sating lining, like in the lapelsand matching pants.Tuxedos almost alwayshave satin detailed features in their design.

Dinner jackets are often styled similar to tuxedos but may feature more diverse designs and textures that are usually more commonly found in suits, like paisley, jacquard or damask. These can be worn like a suit jacket and styled like a tuxedo, with a more diverse range of styling options than a traditional black tuxedo.

Tuxedos can be more difficult to style for, but can also be more effective for those looking to make a memorable impact at their event, and they are traditionally required for black-tie events.

Tuxedos are great for very formal events, but not less formal events, so they can be less versatile than a suit, which can be worn toa greater variety of less formal gatherings.

Tuxedos often have many accompanying accessories that need to be properly styled, like dress shirts, cufflinks, and a cumme*rbund. This requires a greater amount of outfit coordination than a suit jacket, and can be more expensive.

This also means that moving around in a tuxedo can be difficult, including for things like dancing, keep this in mind if you think you'll be moving around a lot in your outfit.

Remember to wear your tuxedo with a bowtie and not a necktie. Bow-ties can be styled in a way similar to neckties, but a tuxedo's bowtie will generally present the wearer with less options than a necktie for mixing and matching colors.

Like with suits, lapel pins are an easy and flashy way to add depth and a bit of flash to your tuxedo or dinner jacket outfit, so keep them in mind when you're styling your look.

Compared to suits, tuxedos are:

  • Difficult toWear
  • Less Comfortable
  • MoreFormal
  • More Expensive
  • More Specialized

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So, choosing between a suit and a tuxedo for prom is really all about context: it comes down to how you want to present yourself and how much you want to invest into your outfit.

If you are the type of person who just wants to look good, then a suit or suit jacket might be your best option, but if you are the type to go all out and really style your look to its maximum effect, thena tuxedo may be right for you.

Styling Your Suit or Tuxedo For Prom | A Guide For Guys (2024)
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